The  NEW Owner Balance

➽ Graphs for Charter Revenues, Costs and Balance. 
➽ Booking and Invoice Lists with details. 
➽ Efficient period comparison. 
➽ Custom view rights for Owner Login. 
➽ Export of Owner Balance in Excel Sheet. 
➽ Just work from your mobile or tablet.


Your yacht charter business at once glance!

Graphical Overview

 The financial season at one glance
 View Revenues, Costs and Balance
 Filter per base, owner or yacht(s)
 Reference to order or charter date

Period Comparison

 Compare recent vs. previous year
 Monthly or weekly segmentation
 Set reference to order or charter date
 View for revenues, costs or balance

Owner Login

 Enable easy owner login
 Customize right per owner
 Show only approved entries
 Hide not invoiced revenues

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