The Price Optimization Tool

➽ Spy competitive charter rates per distinct boat class. 
➽ Compare own rates with competitive offers. 
➽ Set the focus on offers within your subregion. 
➽ Easily modify list prices or discounts. 
➽ Do changes per boat  or whole fleet with one click. 
➽ Just work from your mobile or tablet.


Easily research the market before making charter price changes!

Weekly Price Grid

 Scroll whole year splitted in weeks
 View reduced rates & discounts
 Check list prices by mouse-over
 Price changes per yacht or whole fleet

Distinct Boat Classes

 Logical Boat Class Segmentation
 Segments by type, cabins, age & lenght
 Selection of offers of same boat class
 Filtration for offers of same subregion

Price Comparison

 Auto-select of competitive offers
 Display of rates as MIN, MAX, AVG
 Price differences in % and Amount
 Result marking in Green or Red

Enjoy watching our Tutorial videos of the Price-Optimization-tool

How to change Prices or Discounts?

  1. How to modify a Discount for a single boat
  2. How to set a Discount for a selected boat class
  3. How to undo Changes you once made via this tool
  4. How to set a Discount for the whole fleet
  5. How to add a surcharge for the whole fleet 

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